Rain resistant system

Keep your walls permanently dry.

Rain resistant system

Plaster or screed made from cement, sand and RRS powder additive. Such RRS plaster or screed prevents water penetration and remains permanently dry.

Video - introduction

Normal plaster on the left and RRS plaster on the right; cross section of samples at break after being submerged in water for 24 hours.

Rain resistant system

Dry the moisture out of your walls. 

RRS technology

The key feature of RRS technology is the use of physical principles instead of chemical principles. This is possible due to unique natural raw material developed and manufactured by IZONIL in Europe.

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​On the left is dry-mixed cement and sand (normal plaster); on the right is dry-mixed cement, sand and RRS (RRS plaster). After forming a volcano shape of both samples, water  is put on the top. 


Rain resistant system

Extend lifespan of your wall paint. 

RRS added value

Most surface finishes (interior and exterior, vertical and horizontal) are attached to plaster or screed as their base underlayer. RRS plaster and RRS screed remain permanently dry and, as a result, extend the lifespan and durability of finishing materials. In some cases, RRS plaster and screed may remain exposed without additional surface finishing (side wall, roof).

Examples of surface finishing materials that can be protected by RRS plaster or screed as a base underlayer:

Wall paint

Wall paper

Wall panel

Exposed cement

Brick slips

Ceramic tiles

Stone cladding


Vinyl floor

Wooden floor

Rain resistant system

Save on long-term maintenance costs.

RRS use

RRS is supplied as a powder additive (2 kg) which is added to cement and sand during mixing of plaster or screed. Once mixed, application of RRS plaster or screed is the same as normal plaster or screed.

Video - mixing and application

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Vertical (plaster) and horizontal (screed) applications both on the exterior and interior are possible. Once RRS plaster or screed is applied, there is no need for an additional waterproof membrane.

Rain resistant system

Protect your healthy home.

RRS health aspect

Molds and fungi thrive on humid walls. RRS plaster and screed keep your walls permanently dry and prevent the growth of toxic molds and fungi.

You can use RRS plaster and screed both for your new house construction and also for a complete renovation of an older house.

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