Legal Notice

As suppliers of RRS Products, we prioritize delivering safe and reliable Products of consistent quality to our customers. While we ensure the quality and compliance of our Products with declared industry standards, we do not have direct control over their usage or handling once they are in the possession of our customers.

We operate under limited liability, which means we are not liable for any misuse, improper handling, or modifications made to the Products after it leaves our possession. Our responsibility is limited to the quality and compliance of the Products at the point of sale or delivery.

In the event that we are found liable for the insufficient quality of the supplied Products, our total liability for each defective Product shall not exceed the price paid for such defective Product. This limitation applies to any claims, damages, or losses arising from the use or inability to use the Product, and it constitutes the extent of our liability.

We strongly encourage our customers to follow the recommended guidelines, instructions, and safety measures provided with our Products. Any misuse, alteration, or deviation from the recommended usage is beyond our control and shall limit our liability.

The information and, in particular, the recommendations relating to the application and final use of the Products are provided in good faith, resulting from the present knowledge and experience with the Products when properly stored, handled and used under normal conditions in accordance with our recommendations. We reserve the right to make changes resulting from technical progress.

For any inquiries regarding the Products use, guidelines, or concerns about our limited liability policy, please contact us.